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Old Vid for 30 Sec TV Commercial for our club's Annual Z Picnic

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I feel bad for the one rotting in the ocean, but at least the fishies get to enjoy.
Pause at 0:05 drool

Pause at 0:24 go blind

Pause at 0:33 admire the car and photo skills

Pause at 0:47 drool some more

Pause at 0:56 cry

Wash, rinse and repeat as necessary

Awesome video! Thanks!
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think i saw a Ferrari 0.o? (30 sec and 55.5 sec)

and at 44 sec i just had to laugh :p
ferrari is a "scorpion gtz" kit
ah... Alright makes sense
How sad for the Z in the buttom of the sea.
That was a really cool video.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
Not open for further replies.