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Re: OK I know has been asked b4 but just give me a

Some people on this forum say you can run a turbo on a NA--ECU & wirying.
The biggest difference I have heard is lack of knock senser.
If you have a turbo parts car, I would get it running in the parts car to see if it is good enough to bother with, and swap moter- AFM-TB, if you stay at stock boost, 7lb. max, I don't feel you need knock senser.
If you are planning to gust use AFM--TB--Turbo with intake manafold & T-injectors on your NA moter, with stock boost, listen very close for knock if there, could try retarding spark a bit, and try again, if still knocks be very carfel with driving so you don't boost enough to knock, or adjust doost limmiter [ if possable ] to less boost.
I not happy with the above, you can rewire with T wirying, and hope for the best.
Just my .02

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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