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Oil pan won't budge

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I've got my engine on the stand and last night went to remove the oil pan. I removed all the bolts but it won't budge. I know better than trying to pry it off with a pry bar. I tried to run a razor blade between the gasket and pan but couldn't get it in farther than about a 1/4 inch. This thing is like frozen to the block. Any suggestions?

stock '78Z

Stupid Hurts!!
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I used a small kitchen knife between the block and the gasket to perce and "fillet" the seal and then it was all about leverage. Once the seal is broken "gently pry it off.

The block is cast iron and your not going to hurt it with a thin, preferably non-metalic lever of sorts.

Your not using RTV, are you? ..........JKdding
The one on my 77's engine (I'm junking the engine anyway) would not come off without my biggest screw driver and a hammer. I can't imagine trying to take it off and not damage it.
Rubber mallet..

Smack the sides and it will break the seal loose.. Works for me EVERYTIME.
yes rubber mallet to the sides always works for me as well :p
"Use a piece of wood and a 3 pound hammer!" A Chinese hammer. Ching-chong! Norm K.
If some bozo glued it on with RTV, then you will have to cut it off. Find a narrow metal spackle knife and a hammer.

i wouldnt call them bozos....
Well... I hope that you never have to pull the pan in the future since you GLUED it to the block. You'll need a chisle and a new pan.
or a reall thin saw blade...it will get TONS of crap in the oil pan, but once its off you clean it! then get a straight edge blade and clean the block surface off, and prep it for the new layer of RTV for sealing..

ask Steves280, im sure hes taken a oil pan off with RTV cause thats what he uses to seal them....

oh BTW, it hasnt leaked yet...the other gasket by now had dripped a very small puddle under the car, this is BONE dry.
"Hasn't leaked yet" is kinda silly since it also "hasn't run yet".
Sure it will work, just less than an optimal solution.
I've been using stock ones for rebuilds and if you put them on right, they do not leak and are easy to remove.

Sure hope that saw blade is REAL THIN !
He says he knows better than prying it with a screwdriver cuz he knows he will bend the oil pan, and it will never seal right again and always leak. I agree smacking the side with a rubber hammer, since its out of the car it should be easy just go at it!!!! let us know
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