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I think you have the answer right in your message, check/replace the PCV valve. The oil is just spray off of the cam chain area and if it's blowing oil you have too much pressure in the crankcase. You might try disconnecting the hose to the pcv for a little bit to see if the leak stops. If the engine has a ton of miles on it and a working PCV than do a compression check to make sure your not blowing a lot by the rings. You might have to rebuild or use a heavy oil additive if you want to cut costs in that area for a while. Hope it's just a stuck PCV valve. Good luck.
Of corse this is all kind of a guess, I've never had that problem with any of my 3 Zcars but there's always a first, don't know if there is just a hole where there isn't supposed to be in the fuel pump, you might try getting another one from a junk yard to see if that's the case. I'm going to go take a look at mine to see about this hole. You can always just get a block off a fuel injected Z motor at a junk yrad and plug that area and get a electric fuel pump instead. If you do that make sure you add a gas pressure regulator. Ok, that's a few idea's to look into... Have fun..

> The mechanical fuel pump on my 240Z is
> leaking oil from a small vent hole in the
> side of the pump body near where the pivot
> pin is. The pivot pin was sealed with
> silicone by the previous owner (a common
> remedy), but the vent hole is leaking oil
> into the prop-wash of the cooling fan and
> spraying the plug-side of the engine bay. I
> guess the vent hole was also sealed with
> silicone because it was fine for the first
> week of ownership, but now leaks with each
> drive.

> I had a few gear shifts when the throttle
> jammed wide open :-O until I worked out that
> it was the aftermarket carpet fouling the
> pedal and not the throttle linkages. Maybe
> the 7500RPM blew/sucked the opening clean
> again?

> My previous car, an ugly Datsun 120Y (B210
> in US?) with an L16 SSS motor exhibited the
> same leakage/oil spray (the 7000RPM episodes
> were always intentional in that car :) so I
> guess its' a common problem in the L-series
> mechanical pumps.

> Anyway, the vent hole is obviously
> intentional - but brand new Datsuns didn't
> spray oil all over the bay, so I guess the
> Positive Crankcase Ventilation
> setup is supposed to keep that hole sucking
> air not blowing oil?

> Any ideas on how to stop the leak?
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