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Oil in clutch lever slot?

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Should there be oil where the shift lever attaches to the trans? 77 4 spd.? Thanks!
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No. Are you sure it's oil? Could be brake fluid (clutch fluid).

If it is oil, it could be coming from a couple of places.

Engine oil being blown back from the engine (leaking oil pan, front cover)...
Engine oil leaking from rear main seal.
Tranny fluid leaking from front seal.

You should be able to tell the diff b/t tranny and engine oil (smell is different).
The transmission vent is about 10 inches in front of the shift lever on the passengers side near the top of the tailshaft housing.

It sort of looks like a mushroom.

If the tranny has too much fluid in it the excess oil may be being pushed out the vent.

Wayne Monteath
Masham, Quebec.
The oil seems to be localized to this area. There doesn't seem to be anywhere it has blown from or run from. It is a lightweight oil, and almost clear. Also the slave cylinder hose has cracks in it, do I need to replace it as well? I haven't found one at the local auto parts house. Thanks for your help!!!

Re: Oil in clutch lever slot Possibilities?

It seems to be brake fluid, although not sure? Would this hurt anything?
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