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> Ok, I have a scenario for ya....

> I have an 83 280zx-turbo (Car has 150,000
> miles on it). I just replaced turbo with a
> brand new turbo unit.

> The car doesn't leak any oil, nor does it
> smoke. However, I am using an excessive
> amount of oil. At least 1 to 1&1/2 quart
> every 1000 miles.

> I checked turbo, but it is good, I don't
> have any oil coming out anywhere.

> Only time that I can get it to smoke is when
> I really get on it & get the turbo to
> compress really hard. Like 4000-5000 rpm.
> Then it lets out a pretty good cloud of
> smoke.

> My question is, am I passing oil through the
> engine & it just isn't noticeable under
> normal driving conditions? Or, is it that I
> have a normal oil consuming car for its age?

> Thanks for the help
> Mike Powell

This may help for comparison: I have an 82 N/A that uses about 2 to 2 1/2 quarts per oil change (around 2000 miles per change). I do alot of highway driving, 3000 RPM cruising. The more highway driving I do the more oil it uses. It has 180 thou, doesn't smoke, and I can't make it smoke either. I suspect that the rings have seen better days in my situation, and may be the same in your case.

Another possible cause could be loose valve guides. I have seen this tip it's hand on start up. A puff of blue smoke when you start it up can indicate loose guides.

Hope this helps

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