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got this via email - thought I would share it

Official Newsletter of ZDayZ 2006

January 31, 2006

Hello and welcome to the ZDayZ 2006 Newsletter! If you are receiving our newsletter, you probably already know a little bit about ZDayZ. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing additional information about ZDayZ, our sponsors, planned activities, and more. As was the case last year, the goal of the ZDayZ organizers is to make this year’s event bigger and better than ever. With close to four months to go until ZDayZ, we feel we are off to a great start for 2006. Watch our website, www.zdayzevents.com, Z web forums, and this newsletter for important announcements about the event.

2006 ZDayZ Sponsors!

We have an absolutely impressive array of sponsors already lined up for ZDayZ 2006. So far, a total of twelve Z clubs from nine states have signed on to support ZDayZ. Also, a total of twenty-two company sponsors have agreed to sponsor ZDayZ this year. Of those, five have elected to play a larger roll in ZDayZ by becoming Partner Level Sponsors.

Without these sponsorships, ZDayZ could not happen. We would like to thank these organizations and encourage those interested in ZDayZ to support each of them. Be sure to tell them the gang at ZDayZ sent you their way. (sponsors are listed in no particular order within each group)

ZDayZ 2006 Club Sponsors

Capital 350Z/G35 Club, Upstate Z Club, Georgia Z Club, Carolina Z Club, Detroit Metro Z Club, Smoky Mountain Z Car Club, Z & Roadster Owners Club, Middle Tennessee Z Club, Triangle Z Club, Z Car Club of Ohio, Florida G35 Club, and GZ & 240 Club of Alabama.

ZDayZ 2006 Partners

Sport Z Magazine, Hotchkis Tuning, Crawford Z Car Service, BFGoodrich Tires, and Z1 Motorsports.

ZDayZ 2006 Company Sponsors

350ZFRENZY.com, GSC Motorsports, 350z-tech.com, CourtesyParts.com, CP Racing, KJR Performance, thepowdercoater.com, KP Technologies, ForgedInternals.com, Z1 Performance, RedlineMax.com, Racing Brake, TailoftheDragon.com, ZEETOYZ, Inc., Cascade Car Wash Systems, and Jim Wolf Technology.

ZDayZ 2006 Host Site – Fontana Village Resort

The last sponsor we would like to mention is Fontana Village Resort. For the third consecutive year, Fontana Village Resort is the host location for ZDayZ at Tail of the Dragon. This out of the way, mountain cabin facility is perfectly set up and in an ideal location to host our event. It has lots of room to hold hundreds of cars and is conveniently less than a 15 minute drive from the infamous Tail of the Dragon!

As usual, we have negotiated a discount rate with Fontana Village Resort. So, be sure to mention you are booking a room for ZDayZ when you call them. You can learn more about the resort and its accommodations by visiting www.fontanavillage.com. To book rooms or cabins, call 1-800-849-2258.

Be sure to book your rooms soon. As of January 25th, eighty-five of the nearly 150 rooms and cabins were already booked! Should Fontana Village fill, we will announce some overflow locations.

ZDayZ Registration

Following is the information you need to register for ZDayZ 2006. Unlike previous years, this year there will be a general registration fee. Don’t worry though. We have kept the overall ZDayZ cost about the same as last year. The slight increase you may notice is mainly being used to cover additional logistics costs and to allow us to provide two prepaid dinners instead of one. Ultimately, we felt this course would be the easiest for both attendees and event organizers.

Note that car show entry is a separate amount, as is t-shirt pre-order. The registration form is set up ‘ala carte’ style. Just select and pay for the items you want… no more, no less.

We’d also like to mention at this time, there will be some special items for those who pre-register (as opposed to waiting to register when they arrive) and for those who pre-register for the car show (again, as opposed to entering when they arrive). More details on these items will be provided in future newsletters.

Here is the pre-registration and on-site pricing information…

Activity.................... Pre-registration Cost .................Onsite Registration Cost
Participant Registration........... $20..................................... $25
Additional Guest Registration...... $20 .....................................$20
Car Show Entry..................... $20..................................... $22
Event T-Shirt Preorder............. $16..................................... $18

As you can see, if you plan to attend, enter the car show, and buy a single t-shirt, you can save $9 by pre-registering. Not to mention you’ll get a few nice ZDayZ giveaways that those who wait until the weekend of the show to register may not receive. So get those registration forms in early!!!

Registration forms can be downloaded directly from the ZDayZ website at this link…


Also, if you are bringing guests, please remember to enter their names and screen names in the appropriate area of the form.

Thank you again for you interest in ZDayZ. I look forward too seeing many of you in May!

Andy Morris

ZDayZ Organizer

[email protected]


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i will likely be headed that way from northern Indiana in a TT'd slicktop, would love to hook up with people on the way down. not 100% positive i can do it, but prob 80-90%.

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B - is that driving ET in "Ballistic" time or mere mortal time!? I was expecting more like 5.5-6 hours minimum.

Beeman - if you roll through here we should form up. Maybe I'll put something on CincyZ.com to get organized.
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