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> no way man, it'll just make
> smoke.transmission fluid is an oil base.the
> only thing i have ever seen is the old
> timers (no disrespect intended) would run
> engine rpms up to around 2 grand and pour
> slight amounts of water straight down carb
> throat to bust up carbon. this actually does
> work but is a rather crude method.as for
> increasing compression, removing carbon
> buildup from the top of the pistons will
> actually decrease compression not noticeably
> so unless we are talking about serious
> carbon buildup.carbon buildup on the top of
> the piston actually decreases combustion
> chamber size therefore creating slightly
> higher compression, thats why carbon buildup
> is also associated with spark knock and
> valve rattle (known problems with high comp
> engines when you try to run them on pump
> gas).

> hope this helps.

Dustin, Brett is right!! i am the old timer Phantom was talking about. i bought my car(at a young age) new in '78 and still drive it every day. i have always used auto xsmn fluid to keep the injectors and engine clean. i have dyno sheets to prove that performance has remained near new levels. no need for expensive mystery additives, although i also use DWG oil treatment to keep compression healthy. my engine has 253,000 trouble-free miles!!
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