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Odd gauge thing happening

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on my 80' ZX the Tach and the Temp. gauge go out randomly. Sometimes everything works fine, but sometimes they go dead... It's probably a little; easily corrected thing, but I can't think of it. Any ideas on what could cause this?
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Possible corrosion/oxidation or poor connection in the body to dash harness connectors or a poor ground connection (somewhere). Do you have a schematic for your car? Intermittent electrical faults are always fun to ring out.
Do you have a schematic for your car?
I do not.... Sounds like I should get behind the gauges and look for age problems.
Service manuals available for download at Nicoclub.com.
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Do they go out at the same time all of the time or are they each random in of themselves?
On the back of the instrument cluster (speedo/tach/temp) there is a round connector, it seems to be the common connection but the fuel level would also be affected. Pull the speedo/tach cluster out and remove the round connector and reconnect it.
Here is the link to the FREE factory service manual. Download it.................please. You obviously need it.
Look at page 38 of the Electrical System chapter. You will find what you need
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