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Now anothe problem

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Ok this is defintly not a new problem, but one thats been w/ my z for years now. She just dies sparatically, i will be driving down the highway and she'll just cut off, i turn the key and she starts back up. And runs fine until she dies again, i've been told a few dif things, bad efi relay (changed that and still no good) and bad ignition module (how do u change that) and could that be the problem? Cause i mean she doesn't sputter or anything when she dies, just DIES.haha
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It could be your ignition module. What year z,zx
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Yes the problem sounds like the ignition system. The common culprit is the electronic ignition module failing from heat that builds up from operation. The common check is to immediately pull a HV wire and check for spark as soon as it fails. Another check is the immediate drop or RMPS to 0 on tach. when problem hits.

Some report that the coil could also cause this problem or simply a loose wire.

My money is on the ignition module.
if you have an e12-80 module, click the links to test the ignition:

Page One
Page Two

Mine had the same symptoms. Ignition module on the dizzy cured it. They are expensive. $130 at the autoparts store.
Yea mines a 79' 280zx gl, she just drops to zero on the tach, but will start up again, i guess i'll be replacing the module and see...
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I know my brothers crx had a bad ing, switch. It keep rolling back to the Acc. postion.
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