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nos question!

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can running the nos below 900 cause any problems to the motor! its winter time and i dont have my warmer hooked up yet. i have herd the nos will not hit as hard if the pressure is not up to par but i was wondering if any damage would happen.
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You would overrichen, if the motor bogs and fuels up you may backfire nasty out the intake. More dangerus on V8's, use a torch and don't let bottle pressure die.
You will run rich.

Do NOT use a torch on a pressurized bottle if you like this world.

Heating a bottle with a torch can take you to the point of exlosion quickly! Do people do it? Sure but I have also seen bubbas disconnect motor mounts, connect a chain to engine and tree and throw it in reverse.

That also saves time. **** there are alot of bubbas here.

Buy a heater blanket as mentioned not expensive, and they are safe!

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Well down here we do things different, YEE, HA!
he he he...

"**** there are alot of bubbas here."

Another voter for "No change in outcome of the History Channel Z-Dragracing Show with four average members of the forum" I see!

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