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> Hi. I just bought an '82 280ZXT that I'm in
> the process of restoring. The factory seats
> are beige leather with suede at the top, and
> they are pretty beat up. On top of that, I
> don't think they are very comfortable and,
> quite honestly, I think they are ugly! Has
> anyone replaced their factory seats with
> seats from another kind of car? I'm trying
> to keep this somewhat low-dollar so I don't
> really want to buy new aftermarket seats (if
> they are even available for this car)- I was
> thinking of looking around the junkyard for
> something interesting. Just wondering if
> anyone else has done this, and what the
> results looked like. Any opinions on what
> kind of car has seats which would look cool?

> Thanks!
> Jeff

On the ZX the seat belt piece is mounted to the seat itself, so to do this, you would probably have to make some kind of mount on the center column itself. At least that is the way mine is. I found some fairly good, comfortable 280zx seats at the pick n' pull yard for $20 each...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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