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No voltage on "coldstart valve"

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Yep, my car DID take forever to start BUT when I run 12 volts through a resistor TO THE COLDSTART VALVE, my car started instantly. 78,280z. I will replace the "Thermotime switch" with a know good one today. I have a "new" temp sending switch, two prong kind for the EFI, well it's a year old now. Problem is one month old. I cleaned the ECU connector about 9 months ago also. Please help end this crank, crank, crank problem. Like I said, it will start instantly WITH COLD START VALVE operation. Thanks in advance! Norm Krell.
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Re: No voltage on

I don"t think cold start valve would come in to effect this time of year unless you are way north in Canada. If you remove the fuel pump you will see the outlet has a thin nut type fitting at the bottom (I think it is 14mm). In side is a 1-way check valve to keep fuel line primed. If not there or things look out of line replace it (if available). There are after market 1-ways available but must be mounted as close to pump as possible to pump in-line.

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i need my csv...and i'm california.
Re: "Cleaned the bullet conn....

...ectors on the cold start valve and the thermotime switch. Reconnected a vac. hose at the dist. "Y Juntion." Starts better than ever. Thank you everyone! I must fight the 62degree night air now. NK..
Re: "Caleeefornia"

"I was fighting this 76 degree weather today!" NK..
I drove my Z for several years with no CSV and it cranked right up even in 30 degree weather. If a z car -needs- a CSV to crank, something is wrong.

BTW yurmohill is right, I don't think the CSV even works at all until it's below 60 degree and then very little.
hhmm...i wonder whats "wrong" with mine then. oh well, f#ck it.
mine started just fine in temps down to 30, it was a *little* more sluggish, but still started on the first crank.

Are you guys cars running rich? Mine sure as **** was, and running rich will negate the need for the CSV.
not mine...if anything im running a little lean. maybe thats my problem.
L28's don't make power if they are lean. It's an old design that "likes fuel". If you have it lean trying to get good MPG, I have to wonder why you are driving a sports car to start with!
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