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Hello Everyone,

Bittersweet moment here...

I'm one of the owners of Master Transmission & Automotive Centers down on 4275 Boulder Hwy. Las Vegas NV 89121. Like many small businesses owners at this time, we are behind on few bills here and there... As a result, I'm selling one of my "cartoys" from the back at the shop.

In this case, it's a 1981 Datsun ZX T-TOP @ NO RESERVE on Ebay. The auction ends this Friday 9/18/20 around 2:42 PM Pacific. eBay Auction Link

As the ad on eBay says, it's a Classic Dessert Restoration Project. Very few rust spots and Nice Patina from the dessert sun. Overall, nice car with solid body panels and serious candidate for a good restoration project. For those that are seriously interested in bidding on the auction, I'm posting a link with video of the car. It's better than the pictures, and I'm sure you can tell right away, if my restoration project is worth your time, or not... Thank you!

Car Video Available Here:

I would prefer the car to go to a true car fan, than to a car flipper... I understand that is a short notice, and you may not have enough cash on hand to buy it right away. In this case, I'm willing to work with the lucky winner from eBay.
Here is my best offer:

You can place your highest bid on eBay, as long as I can give my rent check to the Landlord by Friday 10/2/20. Willing to work on transportation as well. Just give me an advance notice what you want to do. Thanks.

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