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> I have a friend who just bought a 77 280Z.
> Very nice and not a lot of rust(in Utah). He
> was driving it home and it died. I don't
> hear the fuel pump working when the ignition
> is turned on, When does the fuel pump come
> on? Does it run continuosly while the engine
> is running. It is getting spark. I put a
> test light on the wires going to the fuel
> pump and turned on the ignition, but no
> current. I ran jumper wires to the pump and
> it works. What fusible links will cause it
> not to work? I have a Chilton and Haynes but
> can't figure out the problem.

Hi There the Fuel pump should not run with the engine not running, it is controled by a relay activated by the oil pressure switch on the right side of the block when running , in the start mode power is supplied from the ignition switch hope this is of some help? bye for now
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