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All Knowing Gurus of the Z,
I recently obtained a 80' 280zx. It had been sitting for 8 years. It was parked and never drove or started since then. I did the usual, drain and replace fluids, new battery, new gas- bypassed the tank for now. check fuses. Turned the crank by hand. Checked TDC and the distributor. When we turn it over there is no fire anywhere. Checked the coil and it seems to be reading high on the ohms from the (+) to the (-), it reads 11ohms. The little capacitor next to the coil, the blue wire had broken from the soldier. I soldiered it back. Still nothing. Where do I begin to trouble shoot this issue? Mechanically, I have rebuilt a few engines but when it comes to electrical, I am lost if it isn't obvious. It was sitting in Rural Central Texas so not much harsh weather but looks like squirrels, mice, and a raccoon or two may have made it home for a while.

I will likely replace the wiring harness, ECU and EFI system once I get it to crank. So looking at suggestions for this also.

Thanks in ADVANCE.
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