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nitrous question???

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ok so i have a 82 280zxt. rebuilt the engine and put on a new turbo.mmmmmmmmmm:) I have heard of some other people that have turbo cars adding nitrous. then setting up a squirt on wot only. supposed to help with lag? I have been a nissan dude sence 1979. Never had a turbo and never played with nitrous. suggestions/comments?

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did you upgrade the pistons to forged when you rebuilt it? Or is it just a stock rebuild?
all stock. all the way. I also have 3 other engines to work with. So I see other possibilities in the future. For now I'm getting used to working with a turbo.
Well first off I would suggest upgrading the fuel pump before any other performance upgrade. Keeping the car safe at 12 psi and keeping a eye on how far the igntion advances I would spray the car 100hp. You put the activation switch (supplied with most systems) at the end of your throttle linkage to engage at about 80% throttle. You'll find you can drive the car alot easier, no banging gears or dropping the clutch and the NOS (wet system) will carry enough fuel to enrichen the mixture safe. If you keep the timing safe, between 24-26 degrees above 3000rpm (most turbo EFI max around there) the engine speed should be safe enough to not blow the rings off the piston. Forged pistons are sweet but if you have a fresh rebuild you should be fine. Hall ass, if you have and questions feel free to drop me a line. I have NOS systems in stock too but I don't have to sell you one.

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