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All Z Car Specialist Address

> That is what I want for christmas, we
> discussed this earlier on . I am very
> excited there are places like this . How
> much did you pay for the car . What type of
> condition was it in ie doors, fenders hatch
> . How about the floorboards usually the
> first to go . I live in Canada so any
> details you can give me might save me alot
> of time travelling .That some damned good
> travell time,well enjoy your toy!!

Hey everyone:
It's Actually :
All Z Car Specialist
5101 Mosson Rd.
Fort Worth, Texas 76119
(817) 483-0383

He's open M-F 9-6 and Sat. 9-2. Central Time.
I've known Jerry for 14 years now. Can't ask for a better person to deal with.
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Not open for further replies.