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Bumped it up since I was wearing out my "older messages" function.

As we left, you stated......

"Sorry Chevy...I did not eliminate the crankcase ventilation...only
Increased its access to atmosphere.
The lower hose off of the block was disconnected from the PCV
but only covered with a piece of "cotton sheet", and it did indeed
vent vapors constantly up thru the fabric sheet..."

My point exactly, you - DID eliminate - any Ccase ventilation. All the vapors you were seeing were probably 90% blow-by, 10% residual. And, in addition to that, your intake vacuum (negative pressure) was at it's highest point under decel, and doing nothing to help you since it was not hooked up to the Ccase.

I'm convinced you are gonna continue with more smoke than normal unless you revert back to the 'closed loop' PCV system. Set up correctly, it does not add "unmetered air" (your words) to the intake.

Here's a post from some time ago, touching upon all we've discussed, with the addition of some things that you probably don't want to hear..... cracks, leaks, etc., and a few words from our inimitable Ghost Writer Tony D.

(I havta say ghost in case IrishZlad is listening, hehe)

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Thanks for the bump...I agree in running discussions, the bump is

Read thru the "post link" and some good stuff there.
Most info seems to point to oil leakage thru the head...
stem seals or such....but as Stonehenge69 stated...replaced
seals and no improvemnt...that is also what I have done...
twice ! And in both instances, the PCV system was as stock .
Both lower and upper hoses connected.

However, since rebuild I've been experimenting with this on,
that off to try to eliminate the faulty item.

I agree it might be the new stem seals have become dislodged
off of their seats...just have not had the time to pull valve springs
in place to check it yet.

Yet, once again....this must be mystery oil that burning cause
there is no measurable drop on dipstick !!! I'm still hoping is a
stuck FI nozzle...cause #4 plug is most fouled....but wont pull
injectors for rebuild till winter down time.

Have 2 full days of Z driving this weekend...Sat is Jap car day
at Mass Museum of Transportation ( and we have a lot of Zs
attending ) and Sun a 200 mile tour of the covered bridges
in So. NH ....so we'll see if I stink out the car behind me again !

gnosez..I know your reading this...see I'm trying to fix it !!!
Help me.

Z-On ...

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Errr..........#4 - real Greeeeeesy oooooilly soot......

Or.......puffy dry -' the fuel ain't all burnin' - soot?

One injector would have to be almost floodin the cylinder to get THAT rich out the tailpipe.

But, kud happin.......new injectors during rebuild?

Gnosez running behind you?

Congrats on the Trophy Too ! ! !! !
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A?..... B? ...... or C?

A .....

B .....

C .....

We Want "C" !
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Looked a little like "B" but not that dark.

GNOSEZ was behind me during the Spring Ralley....brought tears
to his eyes....due to the smoke, going down thru the esses !

I'm sure he could have passed me in the blink of an eye...and
also sure that he'll position himself in FRONT of me on sundays
lineup !!!!!!!

Z-On ...
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