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Newbie - Our first Z "Hi!"

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We just got our first Z today. It's a 1974 260Z. Seems to be in fairly good condition, but haven't really started taking it apart.

Just wanted to log in and say "Hi!"
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Bling! I love 260s... Is yours an early carburated 260 with the sweet little bumpers? Or is it a late 74 that has big stupid bumpers and Fuel injection? Let me know if you need any interior parts. I stripped another whole 260, so I have lots of stuff for sale... Good luck with your new beast!
Awesome, welcome to the family, (I guess that's what we are?) Read these boards often and you'll know your car like the back of your hand. Good luck with the Z, and enjoy it.

Welcome, glad to see one more added. This is a great site and you can find just about anything you want about these cars right here... go ahead and try the search, you will see what i mean.

anyhoo congrats on the new car!
I believe it's carburated, but it has a fuel rail. The breathers are off at the moment. I know little to nothing at this point on the old Z's, but sure to know more in the future. It doesn't have the large bumpers so I'm guessing an early year. I know it's supposed to have a E31 head on it, if that helps. We'll do an inventory of it this weekend and see where we need to start. It does have one rust hole in the pass side inner fender, but that seems to be the worst of it.
welcome what are your plans for the 260 stock or a toy with mods

Thanks for the welcome. I'm sure we'll be asking tons of questions. I saw in the pics of "Monkeybumps" 240 that the engine looks like that with the air conditioner unit on the front passengers side of the engine.

We haven't decided which way to go, but it probably won't be a restore. Like to clean it up to good condition then mod from there. It's going to be a toy.
What is this air conditioner you're talking about???
I don't have a picture, but it's a large black canister with pulleys on the front of it. It's mounted to the front left of the engine. At a glance I thought it was an air conditioner compressor.
Well it doesn't have power steering of any sort, and if it's not the altrenator, then it's the air compressor :)
Yabba Dabba Doooooooooooooooooooooo

Welcome to the family.
Nice to see another Z getting another chance at life :)

Hit the rust ASAP

That black air pump on the left side of the motor is part of the dreaded smog control system on the carbureted 73 and 74 z's, I think. If you follow the plumbing, you will see that it pumps fresh air via metal tubes into the exhaust manifold. Those metal tubes actually prodrude up into the exhaust ports on the cylinder head.
73 and 74 were bad years for z's in terms of carburetion. An extremely complicated smog control system was cobbed together and it was a maintenance nightmare. The system also messed with ignition timing. When it worked right, it worked, but by now, it probably doesn't work. And it's not worth fixing. Instead, check the classified ads here for a set of SU carbs...you can routinely get them for 100 bucks or less, and rip all that smog control stuff outta there.The old SU's, plus a different exhaust manifold or a header and performance exhaust, will wake your car up!
I will definitly check that out this morning. I'll get a pic of the engine compartment to post.
RacnJsn95--i have a 12/74 build date 260z--NEVER had fuel injection at any point in it's life. 260s in the US were carburetion-only as far as i know.

Does anybody know if any of the Euro 260s came with fuel injection? I wouldn't think so...but i'm not gonna stand where i don't have any ground.

and some one is the startrek lover (same here), welcome aboard ensign
I'm not 100% sure, but I think that the "fuel rail" looking thing is part of the smog emissions thing. I believe that's where the air from the smog pump is distributed and pumped in.
Ok, found the smog pump, but this thing has an air condintioner too. Here is links to the engine pics.


And it's Chekov, Pavel rank Admiral ;-)
I had a friend come over that owns a 70" 240Z. There is the hole in the inner passengers fender from battery acid and rust. He thinks, but not sure there is a rod knock or the harmonic balancer is off. He's going to come back when he can and bring a stethoscope. Otherwise, he was excited that I had gotten one.

I'm guessing the first thing is to clean and check everywhere for rust and get it repaired. Hopefully we won't have to pull the engine. If we do then it's an excuse to clean up the engine bay when it's out. Then the clutch and the u joints. Frame rails and floor pans have already been done, that and all new shoes, cylinders and lines.
Welcome to our friendly board, can you say steam clean (joking) :)

Remember........SHOP SMART.

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