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I am going to start setting up plans for a z-car racing game. for example what cars tracks setups extras and addons and stuff will be in the game. i havent started gathering the information yet but i will keep this site updated and eventually be opeaning my own web site. Ive decided the name of my project will be "Z-Driven". once all of the plans are put together with pictures and help from you here i will start sending it to Nissan, Sony, EA, and any other big gaming company. I know the chances of this even making a dimple in having a game made about Zs but i have to try. Basicly i need your support to show that theres a market for this game. Any sygestions are welcom. (i expect this project to take quite a while)

Hope you guys like the idea.
I know the way i worded this may sound confusing but i couldnt sleep thinking about it so i had to type up somthing here on this web page.

The basic sections will be....



From Factory Cars

Factory options

Race Cars

Aftermarket Performance Parts
nitro ECT....

Aftermarket Body Parts
hood scoop

Engine Swaps
chevy 350
2.8L injected into 240Z

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gran turiZmo?

I would like to see a game with Z cars in it. I was thinking about a design for a new driving game. mix "Gran turismo" car selection / racing / upgrades with "Driver: you are the wheelman" cities and take a drive freedom.

Imagine, hopping into your Z, driving around town, speeding, or not. avoiding collisions, running red lights, outpacing other cars on the road, avoiding cops. outrunning cops. if you pull up next to some punk teenager in a Honda at a stoplight, you can have the option to race for cash, or titles.
you can have a realistic looking engine view with the current upgades. I would like to help you develop this. e-mail me at [email protected] if you would like. this would be something that i think i can add some valuable advice. if this isnt what you're thinking of in a game, that is cool. I am just making some suggestions.
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