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Z31 '88 300zx Turbo
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Hi all, I just picked up a project Z31. This is a project car for me and my daughter that we're working on until she is 16. She wanted either an FC RX-7, a Porsche 944 or a z31 Z. As an x-rotorhead I talked her out of the RX-7, and we found this gorgeous Z close by.

The car itself is really nice, but was sitting for 13 years with a burnt out cabin wire harness. In that time, the PO disassembled a bit of the car; pretty much everything in the engine bay, and most of the interior is detached or uninstalled. The PO also installed a freshly rebuilt turbo from the older z31 (i'm told it's larger?) and installed a brand new suspension (Suspension Techniques springs/ sway-bars + Rancho 5-way adjust struts) The car also had a methanol injection kit that I took out just to simplify the repairs.

Our goal is to have a running, reliable, mostly stock car in the next 6-8 months. After that, I'd like to reliably raise the boost to 8-10 lbs, and have a boost controller so that I can keep the boost low for my daughters driving.

Right now, we're in the middle of reattaching everything so we can test the electronics and pull any ECU codes. I've also started a z32 brake upgrade with the aluminum z32 calipers. Which I have a couple questions about after reading the tutorial from XenonZcar. What is the purpose of punching out that little screw? I have the z32 brake lines... will those work rather than punching out the screw??

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