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It's all marketing...I HOPE!

> Look, we know what they're going to do. Just
> as with the first BMW Z3, they'll introduce
> the cheap underpowered version first to test
> the waters. If it sells big and customers
> demand more power, they'll come out with the
> correct engine later. They just can't seem
> to commit to a first rate car until they get
> the financial reassurance that it's going to
> sell big - then they'll correct the problem
> and jack the price out of sight. - John G.

I totally agree. All car manufacturers offer a cheaper/underpowered version to get people excited about their cars. Take a look at almost any company, and you will see this strategy.

Volkwagen: First they come out with 4cyl GTI, then VR6.
Toyota: Most 1st gen MR2 is n/a. 2nd gen has turbo
Acura: Has GS 1.8L, and also offers GS-R, R-type

Hopefully, Nissan will follow suit. Personally, I don't care if it is a 4cyl or not, but if it is a 4cyl, it should have a turbo as an option. Ever hear of a SRD20T?? Pushing 200+hp in STOCK trim.
What I am really concerned about is power, not the number of cylinders. One GOOD thing, is that it is a rear-wheel drive. At least that's what I've heard. If that's so, then it would have potential to live up to it's name.
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