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Is this 1978 a Black Pearl?

  • Yes, the original color code and maintenance of the color alone makes it a Black Pearl Edition

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  • Yes, the original color code alone makes it a Black Pearl Edition. But re-painting does not

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  • No, it requires the SAP package to be a Black Pearl Edition

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1978 280z (638)
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I am SupremeCling out of Denver, Colorado and I am excited to state that after 15 months of rigorously looking for my first Z Car I am now a proud Z Car Owner.

I have spent a lot of time during that 15 months learning about the Z line, but I am certain that I have much more to learn. My primary interest centers on the S30, but I also find the Z32 pretty interesting.

The car I just purchased is a 1978 Datsun 280z. Color Code 638 (the paint appears to be original), 4 speed, with an A/C unit and 66k miles on it. Given the condition of the car, the miles appear to be original.

I know that this particular description leads to some controversy: Black Pearl Edition or 280z with a Black Pearl Paint?

If it was a 5 speed with the SAP package, there would be no doubt that it is a Black Pearl Edition. Without those items, it seems many disregard it as a Black Pearl. Reply with your opinion! I would love to know what you all think!

I have some restoring to do. But considering the color code, I consider this car to be a responsibility I owe to the community of S30 and classic car lovers. I think it would be sacrilegious of me to modify this car too much, but that also depends on the general sentiment around the Black Pearl Debate.

If this wasn't a color code 638 I would probably modify the heck out of it. But seeing as it has a 638 color code, I will likely leave it up to the community as to what I should do.

Right now here is the list of items for restoration.

  • Rust on driver side floor pan (will need to be cut and replaced)
  • Rust on dog legs as well as right fender (usual suspected areas)
  • Roof has some paint missing (very odd chunk taken out, but with no body damage..it almost looks pealed off)
  • Small crack in paint on the driver side fender area
  • Very mild dents in the passenger door
  • Interior doesn't have any major issues, but does need restored.

Considering (pending community response)
  • Watanabe Wheel Upgrade
  • Remove shag carpet (I cannot tell if this was original or a cover. The seats had a similar material as a seat cover....replace with leather or vinyl)
  • Disk Break Conversion
  • Rocket Bunny Body Kit
  • 5 speed upgrade
  • Seatbelt upgrade
  • BC Coil over conversion
  • Bore out engine for 3.0L + Polyurethane Engine Mounts
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