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new pictures of my sons 240z we have been working on

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here is a new website page on his Z.
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Looks nice. Definitely a unique paint scheme.
All that stereo gear is just begging to be stolen sitting in plain view in the back hatch, though. Unless you live somewhere rural.
Maybe time to get some louvres.
Very sharp, though.
the windows are tinted limo black and nothing can be seen thru the windows when looking in through them especially at night.

the paint scheme is actually the original paint with that black stripe added (a backwards 69 boss 302 stripe pattern).

im sure though someone will follow him home or to school one day when they hear the stereo and it will be gone.

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Sweet Z, kids gotta have then boom box's dont they. My son has 2 1200 watt sony amps and 4 12's were putting in the trunk of his 70 Monte Carlo.....
the boom box and big wattage stereo system was already in it when we bought the car a few months ago.

i remember when i was 17 and we had nothing in car stereo stuff like they do nowdays. of course when i was 17 i had a 69 Boss 429 mustang that cost something like 4500 bucks new. id rather have that than a fancy steroe LOL
Well your boy has a fine looking car, how about some new pants for christmas? LOL just kidding. Is that limo tint legal in your state?
It's looking nice there Brian!

the limo tint is only legal on the back and side qtr windows here in California. he always has his front ones rolled down cept when its parked.

he is one big 17 year old and barely fits in the car.

yea his pants...dont even get me started on how he dresses!!!!

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Tight car, and tight squeeze :-D That third pic, on the top row makes it look really agressive. I think that's the best angle a Z car can be shot at :)
i agree on that picture althou we need to do something with the area under the bumper. i dont like the bumper at all the way it fits away from the car and the open area under it with the radiator, horns and such in plain view.

some of the pictures stretch the car out cause i had the lens too wide angle and the one with son in picture the car looks really small for some reason.

thought about cutting the bumper and having the whole center section open with some kind of grille.

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That's an awesome looking paint scheme.
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