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New P90 racing head

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I just purchased a rebuilt P-90 head for my 83 280ZX, will I need to buy anything to convert, or should it bolt right on?
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It shall bolt straight on. However it may have different ports than your exhaust manifolds or headers or anything like that.
Convert to what? All the L-series heads will just bolt on, given that the external engine architecture is the same from 70-83. That doesn't mean every head will work well on any given block/piston combo, but they'll all bolt right on.

But the P90 should work fine on your '83.

did you get the 800 dollar one off ebay?!?!?!
if you did, shame on you and me. turn right around and try to sell it to another idiot on ebay, cause you got jipped!
Tell us you didn't spend 800.00 on a p90 head.
it was $500.00, should i try to sell it??
Lick your wounds, will be ok

On Ebay you can use a starting bid that cost less than a reserve. I would recommend IF you sell it use a minimum bid that you would be willing to accept. Hurts I know but say opening bid of $300.

Harsh, but sometimes it is can be best way to go. Were there other bidders? You can try contacting them and offering it to them simply stating a reason such as you decided to go a different route.

Good luck could be worse could have paid to have it installed and gained little to nothing. This may be bad, but probably not the worst thing that will happen to you in life.
thanks guys, my current head has 218,000 miles, and the valves are shot, i was told that purchasing a re-built head would be less expensive than having the old on re-built. any in-put??
Many alternatives

There are a few in classifieds here. I would recommend YOU decide whether you will sell the P90 first before buying another. Read

Z Garage

That site has alot of information and will help you decide what you need and want. Then looking at what you have and what is available here in classifieds decide what is best for you.

Don't jump to fast get best information you can then determine the best path forward from this point!
does anyone know if i will have to do more modifications for my 83 non turbo stock engine, for my p-90 to fit?
You may need to grind the exhaust manifold holes to match the gasket since the P79 head has round ports and the P90 has square ports.

218,000 miles is just breaking in for a L28 engine.

I have never paid over 150.00 to get a datsun head rebuilt. Valves and seats can be reground, and springs shimmed. And guides, cam, and rockers hardly ever wear out on P79 heads. Call your local machine shop and ask them for the price to clean, resurface, and a valve job. Also get prices for a few valves just in case.

I think you will have more trouble with breaking studs and head bolts when removing a head that has been on for that long.
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