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Hi to all of you, I’m new to the forum and want to introduce my self and my new toy.
I have come here to the forum but just for reading and getting to know this car, I haven’t post anything though.

I’m new to this platform but I have a bit of knowledge on turbos, I am originally a DSM guy, I have own dsm’s all my life and they all have being turbo, I own 2 at the moment and got rid of one in order to get the 260z.

The car has an ls1 in it, I was looking for one for a long time, but all I have found has really bad rust, I know this cars are so common to have rust, but I was lucky to find this baby in good conditions (rust concern).

The swap is not completed, it still needs to be finished, so is not drivable, it needs quite a bit to roll, however I will update the thread once I work on it.

My plans are daily driving it and possibly twin turboing it., I will have fun with it for the moment, once I get tired of the power it makes, then I will start getting parts to put the turbos.

I know I can do power with cams, porting heads, etc etc, but I love turbos and I have dream for years with a twin turbo z.

I will leave some pics of the toy for the moments.
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Thank you pilgrim.

DSM (Diamond Start Motors) it’s Mitsubishi platform, eclipse, galant vr4, Evo etc,.

The underneath frame rails were reinforced, weld stitched and there were made longer all the wey and a cross bar was added at the end of one rail to the other, to have more strength.
Later on I will weld stitch the whole car to get a rigid body, but for now, I will focus on getting it drivable.

I still doing research for the AC system, I can’t drive it with no AC, at least not for daily drive, here in Cali gets hot and I can’t stand to the heat.

I will add some more pics later on.

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Here are the rail reinforcements
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New tires, they are a it bigger, I still have to lower it from te front, I think I will leave
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New feed and return lines for future turbo set up.

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Putting all body parts back in.
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And here is how it seats for the moment.

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