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Good morning ,
Being a new member I would like to share a little history of my connection with the Z cars in my family over the years. This all began back in 1971!
My father purchased a 1971 Datsun 240 Z from a small dealership near our home in southern Maryland, I was in the 8th grade at the time. It was Canary Yellow with a Black interior, I believe it was a 4 speed, just don't remember. He always liked telling the story about the "manual" choke sticking and the mechanics whom worked on it. Being that this car was so new to our area, he had to take it to the dealership for any maintenance issue, the above being one. Standing at the showrooms front desk, the door to the maintenance shop was located directly behind it. This particular day it happened to be open. To his amazement , surprise, however you want to describe it , there was not an English speaking mechanic in the shop! These mechanics were all Japanese and not many spoke English at the time, needless to say it must have been quite entertaining to be apart of. He kept the car for a few more years and sadly I never got the chance to drive it, but the Z bug was already implanted . It was such a fun car!
Now my turn. I purchased a 280 ZX in 1988, the second owner of the car. It is the Chocolate Brown exterior with Gold pin stripping, Tan/Beige interior with bucket seats, 5 speed, Just under 130,000 miles. This was the 1st of 5 goals which I had set for myself many years ago, and I still have and drive my car today, (it still tells you in a sultry voice that "Your Door is Open) when driving. This still cracks me up!
So here is my dilemma. Because I do not drive it that often anymore, I am thinking of putting it up for sale. Not that I really want to, put you get to a point in your life where maybe it is time to let something go, to let someone else enjoy the fun of the T-Tops out, down shifting to go around that sharp turn just a mile away from home, and making memories of past times on road trips up and down the East coast.
If any one wants to respond you are more then welcome to. I am still not to old to ask for guidance, just not sure which lane to take.
Also if I do not respond in a timely manner don't take it to heart, I don't check my e-mails but every so often, have a good day everyone.
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If you want to sell the car, there is a forum here for that: Cars for Sale: 1970-83 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX
If you have it, it's paid for and drives well, then insure it with Hagerty or one of the other collector car companies and your costs to keep will be minimal. I don't drive mine 20 times a year, but it's not going anywhere.
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