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Hello from Northern California! Been reading posts like crazy, thanks for sharing all the knowledge and expertise.

First Z: '72 240, from an extended family member. Been sitting 36 years ('86 tags). Ran when parked! I actually think it did. Shockingly, no rust in the coolant and no water in the oil.
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Hate the lime green, but it's starting to grow on me... Figured I'd get it running and then decide whether to restore, mod, or flip. Just went thru everything with fluid behind it - brake hoses, brake master, clutch master, clutch slave, fuel lines, fuel tank, vent hoses (GOD there are a lot of them), water hoses, fuel pump, rebuilt carbs. Got it started this weekend! First Fire of the 240z - YouTube. Seems relatively straight and no bad rust, just lots of surface yuck. And it came with a nice dead rat in the console.

Other car stuff: '68 MGB GT, bought it on a whim, always liked the hatchback.
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Not great but not horrible. Just some fun for a while... Don't ya just love wire wheels?! Interesting part - the carbs are virtually identical to the Z - dual SU's. Should save me a little learning there.

'69 Mustang, my first project. Only took 14 years (those **** kids kept taking all my time and money):
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393 Windsor, TKO 500. Funny how just 3 years earlier than the Z and its completely different - no smog or fuel venting at all. Pure simplicity. Is it done? Sort of... Are they ever really done??

Thanks in advance for all the future help - could not do any of these projects without the car community. Loved your guidelines for new users - read read read and THEN ask... ;) Words to live by.

Give me a shout if you are ever in the south peninsula (Mountain View) area.

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