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Hello everyone,

I'm Mirko... I got my first 76 280Z with some 83 280zx mods (head, turbo, transmission) few months ago. I haven't been able to start it yet, because it has some ignition problems, I replaced a lot of parts (battery, fuses, fusible links, coil, spark plugs, spark plugs wires, distributor cap, rotor) but i still don't have spark, someone told me I need a 83 280zx distributor and 280zx ecu turbo, but the last owner said could start the car just with the stock distributor and ECU . i hope you guys can help me out with that. happy to meet new people

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Good luck with ur ride! I'm sure as you solve these little issues with ur car, U'll enjoy it. I can't help ya with the mechanics (as) I'm not a mechanic, but if you are not getting any spark then maybe you can check if electricity is coming to the part of the wire that connects to the spark plug. Sometimes the new wires are bad too. Don't start changing parts until you figure out whether or not you are getting electricity from the distributor... sometimes the rotor arm (inside the distributor) & points (sometimes needs to be sanded for the electrodes on the end to touch flat onto each other) needs to be cleaned too.
Take your time, figure out each issue and then proceed to buy replacement parts... really clean the ones that you have and then if you are convinced it's not working then.
Good Luck again with happy trails ahead for ya!
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