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Friend, where did you get this car from? Which state if you don't mind....

Do you know for sure that this motor came out of an 83? It is very possible that this engine has been converted to a NA2T (Naturally aspirated to Turbo) meaning the engine was converted to a turbo setup and not "turbo swapped"
The reason I mention this is my 280z is running turbo, with the naturally aspirated components (ECU, Harness, AFM internals housed inside of the larger turbo AFM) sounds confusing I know. But your car may have a similar setup...

but if the car is running the turbo components with the NA dizzy, ECU, harness and AFM board, it is not going to run.
it is also possible, since you haven't been able to start the car yet, that the owner swapped the turbo dizzy with a non-turbo one. They are easy to tell apart as the turbo dizzy is much larger.

Here's what to do first: identify the components. check the ECU and verify if it is a 280z or zxt ecu... the plugs will be different. second, remove the AFM and see if it is the large turbo unit, or the smaller NA unit. you can also check the injectors...

also important is the crank angle sensor... if you are going to get a distributor from an 81T, you need to make sure that engine came out of an 81T. the ignition system and sequence is different on the 82-83T cars. you can tell if the engine is an 81 by looking at the harmonic balancer... attached to it is a disc with teeth on it. and you will see the crank sensor next to it just under the dizzy. the later engines do not have these.

You never really know what engine you may have in there. It can be difficult to see what has really been done to a car when people do swaps like this.... and then don't give much info in the way of what was done to it. just saying, "the car will start with the stock ECU and distributor" is not really much to go off of. You just might have an NA engine with turbo components installed and a turbo valve cover on top. Hard to tell.

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