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New intake picture.

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well Im going to have to do my head gasket, but the good new is that my all but my air fuel ratio gauges work that i wired in work(anyone know why it doesnt work?) it lights up, but doesnt tell me the lean/rich ratio
I got most of it taken apart today. set my intake on there to see what it will look like

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how did you wire it up? i just wired one into my truck this weekend.
positive to a 12v source, grounded the neg, and the other wire to the O2 sensor
to the neg on the batt. right? same way my a/f meter is hooked up
you can also use a multimeter to test your o2 sensor. if you wanted to rule the sensor itself out.
i just grounded the neg wire, didnt take it to that battery
is that an early intake or u cut the webbing in between i noticed my turbo intake between the runners u cant see through...

How is your oxygen sensor? Mine is wired up the same and works sweet on my brand new O2 sensor, but I tried it on the other one in my car (long story) and it doesn't light up at all, that one is definitely trashed, it rattles when you shake it.
I have an AutoMeter Air/Fuel Ratio gauge. Per the instructions, negative goes to a ground, positive to source, 3rd wire to O2. I wired the O2 in at the ECU. Worked for me first try.

Will say the gauge is pretty worthless most of the time, unless you like flashing lights. In its defense, I'm running into a lean situation on start-up right now, and the gauge is sticking to lean until the car warms up. So it is actually giving me some "useful" info at the moment.
I thought that the a/f meters were only to really be used for wot tuning more than idling and so forth. someone correct me if i'm wrong here.
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