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New exhaust in today.

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Yes, my new exhaust arrived today via fed-ex. Too bad I worked all day or I would of had time to install it. I'm hoping tomorrow before work. I'll have some pictures posted tomorrow maybe as i do the work.

It was an eBay special, and so far it looks really nice. Stainless steel, welds seem to be more than decent. We'll have to see about fitment and sound though.

Here's the eBay ad, be advised its for the 2+2 only. $282 shipped to my doorstep.



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I don't know why people hate ebay.. yes some things are cheaply made. But that looks like a nice exhaust man..
Oh man, I just noticed that the diameter of these pipes is 2.5inches and I'm pretty sure stock is only 2 inches. Obviously my exhaust will only flow at the restricted rate (2 inches) , but will they still bolt up?
i thought stock was 2.25? or somethin weird like that... and that is a good question, anyone with performance exhaust know?
The flange will most likely be the same, I just did mine yesterday and it is a 2.5, And yeah I'm pretty sure the stock n/a is 2 :/
yes they will bolt up just fine. Stock NA is 2 stock TT is 2.25 i believe. The flange should be the same, just not as thick in the diameter as stock.
FYI - If you need any replacement hangers, NAPA is one source that's worked for me in the past. Local store here gets them the next business day.
Thanks guys.
It says "Just-Intercoolers"...... Something seems fishy about this company lol
how did that exhaust turn out?
still is not in because I broke the old exhaust near the headers. I'm pulling the engine to replace the headers now. Check out my engine pull thread if interested.

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