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1971 Datsun 240z series one
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Hey Fam!

Just wanted to stop in and say hi.

My names Bryan, and im a z addict :p. Im 35 years old and am currently a cnc service engineer. Currently residing in Morgan Hill CA

I have had my 71'240z for a few years now, new to this platform but very well versed in the z fam, originally came from a 93' 300zx twin turbo.

Authentic series one, vin HLS3013313 (hatch vents have been shaved)

there isn't a whole lot of history I know about this car from the previous owners, so im going over this beauty with a very fine tooth comb and making sure everything works as it should. Being a service engineer working on million dollar machines for fun has taught me that maintenance is the key to every machines functionality.

Currently has a 2.8L turbo engine (@9lbs), with a p90 head making 200whp on a MS3 pro ultimate ecu, running LS coils. Sequential fuel and spark. Car was just recently tuned by Sebastian at SpecialtyZ in LA last month ;)

Currently has some overheating issues at the moment im trying to tackle. Entire radiator/fan setup is being researched/developed at the moment to provide much better cooling in these hot summer days in California.
Unfortunately the fenders were cut by previous owners for them to fit the flares on, so that will stay that way. I plan to spare no expense, and to correct any and all "quick fixes" I keep finding.

My overall goal is to have a very well rounded machine, with occasional circle track days (weekend warrior, nothing too crazy.) But mostly just to drive it as it should be, and enjoy these fantastic machines.

You will see me lurking around from time to time. I look forward to meeting you guys!

ps: enjoy the dyno video. Unfortantly seb couldn't push it because the car was over heating.

Red 300zx was my old car (traded for the Datsun)

tempImageFP1NJW.jpg tempImageIELUfi.jpg IMG_0156.jpeg
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