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Need your brains!

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Hi Gang,

I am in the process of finalizing a simple DIY procedure for setting correct AFM spring tension.

To complete the procedure, I need a simple weight that can be hung by a string and used internationally.

Of course the best is a set of calibrated brass weights... but they are not very common except in school labs.

I first thought of coins but the sizes change.

I am now thinking of standard size music CD's with the text book removed or a quantity of water in a 500ml bottled water container.

Any ideas?

Also, what is the size of a typical bottled water container in the USA?
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what about a soda can. Aren't they all 12 ounce?

great idea blue, im thinkin, small cans of wet cat food with the pull tab, not as heavy as 12 ounces of pop.
Great idea!

Pop cans are 355ml here (12oz).

I know they are different in Japan :)

I'll give it a go now!

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Why not use a condom and some rocks :)
" I am now thinking of standard size music CD's with the text book removed or a quantity of water in a 500ml bottled water container." BLUE

Thinking outside the box is a sure sign of high intelligence.

Its these kind of people who keep everything moving and going forward
when everyone else is standing around wondering WHAT TO DO, WHAT

I like to call them free thinkers, there real fun to watch and observe doing
there thing.

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Well I did it... (no Stonehenge, condoms would not work. They would stretch and hit the floor.) LOL

I used the pop can and water method. You can see the results here: AFM Calibration Procedure

Bottom line is that a pop can filled with 4.9 fl oz would pull the AFM wiper 1/2 way and 9.8 fl oz would pull the AFM wiper all the way.

In metric this is approx 148ml and 290ml. (The graduated cylinder I had was not as precise as those I used in school labs).

For weight:

1/2 way = 148g or 0.326lbs
all the way = 290g or 0.639 lbs

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........are we to conclude that EVERY flap should deflect to the 1/2 way point with 4.9 oz of water?

Thinking out loud, I'm wondering if 4.9 oz of BEER would work, that is taking into consideration that 4.9 oz of Beer might not be consistently available depending on the length of test, ambient temperature, number of guests invited to "scientific test", and .........

lastly, if test was supposedly scheduled for Super Bowl Sunday, Beer would definitely be unavailable for testing, and consideration might be given to equal size cubes of stale cheddar for weights.

{:).........{:-o ....... <:p .................. ! !

Also, had you thought about it a little more, shortening the 'mile' of string would have enabled you to test Stonehenges suggestion....I think it has merit .........

PeeEss........keep the tech tips coming.........one of the "Gold Star" areas of the forum..... (applause here)

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:) Thanks Chevyman! Did you get your ignition glitch fixed?

For the flaps deflection, I realize there are electrical aspects of the AFM circuit that ultimately dictate the correct set up. Assuming manufacturing tolerances are close on the electrical side, this procedure should get you in the ball park (within a few teeth).

The fact the 76 afm and the 80 afm both deflected the same amounts for the same weights, I am pretty sure this is a useful procedure when needed out of desperation.
Gone Fishin.........?

Considerin you're probably fishing on your "Off Time", you musta seen one of these.........?

Slightly more convenient than an old can.......No?

Otherwise, I think we got the iggynishun glitch narrowed down, but I'm leaving it in the hands of the owner to do the work. Otherwise, he learns nothing, and I get all dirty....hehehehehehe
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I tried a small sping scale but it was too crude and inacurate. That fish scale looks perfect as long as it is accurate for "small fish".

btw I love trout and salmon fishing!

The ideal instrument for calibration would be a blower and a cfm measurement.

The next ideal would be what you suggest but with a fine 0 to 1 pound total scale.

The next is the poor man's coke can :)

The last si fingering and trial and error.
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Lead wheel balancing weights are marked in grams and ounces, have a hook built into them and come in various sizes.

They can be had for free at most garages since the usually throw away the old ones when they change tires.
Wayne! As usual you are the genious I was looking for!
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