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Need Source for Metric "Hex Head" Screws

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I do not want to put one screw back in my ZX that only has a screw head, rather than a hex head. I would prefer slot, phillips, or torx, AND hex head, but there is nothing like being able to use a ratchet or wrench on a "screw" instead of a screw driver. I've googled around and haven't figured out what these are called in the fastener world. Anyone know? And know a source? I might think about going back with chrome or SS . . .


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As information, many times manufacturers use screws instead of bolts to prevent a mechanic from over-tightening a fastener.

Case in point: My old Supra's 7M engine had screws to hold down the valve covers; if they had used hex-head bolts, there was a very real possibility of over-tightening and squeezing out the rubber gasket, causing leaks.

Just a heads-up. On the flipside, there are certainly places where being able to get a socket driver or wrench on it would be handy.

Good luck finding what you need,
I really do hate the screws on my datsun from the factory. I understand the logic of not being able to overtighten it, but after 40 years of corrosion it is impossible to remove them with a screwdriver, meaning I have to use vicegrips, which takes forever. I guess im lucky and have a couple of old fashioned hardware stores that have almost every different size fastener in stock most of the time.
Lowes Home Improvement has geat selection and also most decent size cities will also have a fastenal dealer or a wholesale nut and bolt company. Try googling in your area
google around there are a ton of fastener places. with a little study you can learn how to specify pan head, flat head, hex head, washer head, socket head etc, etc. ad naseaum. unless you live in the boonies of South dakota or the northwest territitories you should be able to find a local fastener outlet that can get what you want. You might have to buy a hundred or fifty but i have found that you usually can buy fifty of something for not much more than two three pieces at a hardware or Lowe's. need a thread gage so you specify the thread correctly. also DIN versus ISO can be a chore. 12 MM hex head is for an M8 bolt in ISO but the germans with their DIN use 13MM head. certain places on a nissan the 13mm makes getting a socket on the head tough. When i go to the junk yard I pick up every bolt and nut on Jap cars I can find.
Try elliot's hardware in dfw area. They even have a nice selection in chrome. It's a prettynice old school hardware store
I used to get my grubby hands on all the hardware at the J.Y. I have MY little collection. It was like the hardware were "unwanted orphans." Recently I went to a "Pic-A-parts" and it was like someone had vacuumed up the stuff! Next to Mercedes hardware I think ours is the best. Norm K.
mcmaster carr...if all else fails

using their site will also help you learn how to describe what it is exactly that you need
AAA Metric Supply
60 Lipan St
Denver, CO 80223

I couldn't believe when I found them here in Denver, all metric all the time. I was there yesterday they will sell one screw of as many as you need, and I changed the philips heads to hex head for my fuel injectors, I'm tired of striped screws too!!

Give them a call I'm sure they can help!
Both Ace and Truvalue have a much better selection of metric fastners than Lowes or Home Depot. If you need an uncommon size, you'll have to hit an industrial supply house.
Thanks all!

Lots of good advice overall. If you have an industrial park in your area then there's likely a fastener supplier too. I'm lucky to have a good friend who owes one. He doesn't carry every piece I need though. I've used www.mcmaster.com quite often. There are plenty of others out there too. I can't stand chrome hardware because it is going to rust eventually. I usually use s/s socket head hardware throughout except for high stress parts. My head has helicoil inserts for the intake/exhaust (the four upper 10mm-1.25 cannot be found in s/s so I used 1.5 inserts there). Tight is tight as my grandpa always said. That's good advice. If it's critical then use a torque wrench and a torque table.
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