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> I am about to completely rebuild my motor,
> this is the setup I have... I have been told
> it will work, then some say I am nutz...
> Please help!! I want to send all the parts
> in this weekend to have them cleaned,
> surfaced and ported. The combo I have
> is.....

> N42 Intake Plenum (The one without metal
> between the runners)
> N47 Head with larger valves and ISKY cam
> F54 Flat-top block
> Centerforce Clutch
> Stock Injectors + High Pressure Fuel
> Regulator (@50lbs)
> Larger Fuel Pump

> All of this will be assembled after the
> entire lower-end is completely balanced
> internally.

> Pistons

> Rods

> Crank

> Pulleys

> Harmonic Balancer

> Flywheel
> The head will be surfaced and a 3way valve
> job done.
> Now this is where the confusion is, I am
> currently running a F54 block with a N42
> head. I kept blowing gaskets out of it. I
> then read up and found out this setup
> produces 10.8-1 compression. I was running
> 89 gas. So If I rebuild this motor with the
> N47 (same as N42 but with steel seats rather
> than brass) and get new Turbo pistons and
> rings. Will it work or will I be driving a
> timebomb? Anything I missed I can fill in, I
> will be on the board for the next 8 hours
> looking for help so PLEASE!!! respond.

> Bean Bandit
You should have the block O-ringed as well. That will make blown head gaskets a less likely occurence. Also start using at least 91 octane. 89 isnt really enough for 10.8:1. If you can find a place that will sell race fuel that would work better. It would be cost prohibitive if you drove it every day though. I bought a 55 gallon drum of 100 oct and split it with a friend. NICE difference.
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