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need mentor for engine swap in VA. 74 260z

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hey, I finally got the Z I've been dreaming of since a teen.I've had it a month and something major went wrong with the engine. I'm buying a 280zx motor and putting my 72 intake and su's on it. I've never done an engine swap and need a little help or guidance about things I need to do and am curious if its going to go fairly easy. My # is 540-769-3145. Any help is greatly appreciated. I love this car and the breed and want this to be a good experience. Thanx, [email protected]
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Wish you were closer—I'd help you out in a heartbeat. Engine swap, SUs... I'd be there. :(

Good luck,
Where are you located in Va? It might help for those that would lend a hand. I'm down in the Virginia beach/Norfolk/ Portsmouth area but there is a Z club in Richmond and another just up in maryland.
unbolt intake/exhaust
unbolt tranny
disconnect wires/vacuum lines and label them
unbolt engine mounts
drain and remove radiator
attach cherry picker with chain on stock engine pull mounts
remove engine

to install do the reverse.

or just download the FSM from www.xenons30.com/reference for the 74. The 280 engine will have the intake and exhaust removed so no real changes there.
Thanx for the support! I live in Roanoke, I've been out of the datsun scene for about 8yrs. Last was a 71 510. I found help with the engine, now rust repair is my next obstacle. I'm buying rear quarters (that's all the rust pretty much) a guy said he'd give me pointers, but I want to do it right. After I get the engine in, couple weeks, I was curious if I could pay someone to help weld these in?id be willing to travel within a 200 mile radious. I love this car, and have fallen back in love with the breed. Any help I can lend,I'm more than happy to. Thanx a lot.
I'm up in Staunton. My wife went to college at Hollins when we were courting, so I know you're only 1.5 hours away. I'd be happy to do what I can. I'm a contractor and have a shop, plasma cutter, and flux-core wire welder. It's not the best, but it was cheap and, with care, gets the job done with a minimum of fuss.

Call me if I can help.
Alex 540-255-6378
If you can get your car up here to NoVa (I'm within the 200 miles) I went to college at Radford, I can do your quarters. I graduated college with a degree in Comp Sci and now Im a body tech in a high volume insurance shop. And Im always looking for side work. My cell is 540 538 8922. I have a 72 myself that I just got done cutting a used quarter apart for it. Text or call if interested. I have been in car restoration and collision repair biz for over 8 years.
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