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Need info/perspective on 240 value (kinda long)

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First, let me say that I am very familiar with the 280ZXs (had 5) and am getting to know the Z31s (2... so far), but know little or nothing about the 240-260-280 series.

I may have an opportunity to acquire a 1972 or 73 240 auto. Car has a little cancer on the body but was at least repainted a few years ago. Needs it again. Car is currently sitting on concrete (has been for a while) and I saw no evidence of major leaks.

Driver's side floor pan is shot, but framerail appeared okay. (I didn't go to the place intending to look at this Z, but it came up when I took a friend to get a car the guy sold him, so I didn't bring a jack or anything to raise it up and get a good look underneath.) Rear quarter is dented.

Interior has been redone so is in decent shape. Noticed it had controls for a/c to the right and below the steering wheel, not by the controls in the center of the dash.

Didn't really notice the a/c compressor under the hood, but then was struck by the lack of stuff under the hood. Guess I've never really seen one "in person" -- pics just don't do 'em justice.

Had the two carb set up but I don't know the details. I don't know these. Does have a new head on it.

All in all, seems like a solid car. Odometer reads 57,000. It was this guy's wife's car, and he at least said it was original miles.

Anyway, I have no clue what to offer them. That is if I can even put an offer on it cause she wasn't real wild about selling. But the guy said he'd talk to her.

And for some reason just standing there looking at it, I recalled the 75 280 Z one of my older brothers had. Loved riding in that car. I'm not trying to take up space just to praise Zs, but I want to get some idea of what I might be thinking of getting into.

1986 300ZX 2+2 NA 5spd
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400-600 bucks or lower. Floow pan rust always usually means there is rust in other areas. Check the normal spots:battery tray, spare tire well.
I agree with Mesc... some rust usually means more. Dented body panels definitely take away from the price. If the car is a '73 and has the stock 'flat top' carbs, that drops the price a little. Automatic transmissions aren't really very desirable either. Sounds like less than a thousand to me.

Compare prices with some early Zs on craigslist.org or ebay.
Thanks. Just what I was looking for. Appreciate the perspective. I was thinking $500 max. Guess I gotta watch that "nostalgia" thing! Think I'm gonna pass on it.

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