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Need help with a camshaft

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I am trying to find out if my camshaft is stock or not, it is in 1975 parts car that I just got. I bought the car for the carbs, intake,header and the wheels. It was set up with dual carbs a P90 head and a f54 block, so now I am wondering if the cam is stock. The numbers on the end of the cam are 270.60, does anyone know if these are stock numbers or how can I measure a cam to see if it is stock and what are the stock meaasurements.
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75 was EFI.

P90 head is a turbo head with square ext ports.
F54 could be N/A or turbo IE... Flat Top vs Dished

More the likely the cam is aftermarket and 270 is the duration, if that helps... I'll look at my new turbo cam when I get home from work and let you know what is stamped on it if no one else chimes in before then...
I know the 75 came with fuel injection, I was surprised to find the carbs. Once I pulled the intakes and header thats when I found the P90 head, I assume it is a turbo block because it has dished pistons. I am planning on having the head redone to put on my 81 280zx with flat top pistons, I will also have the header blasted and coated for the same car.
Thanks for the help
Probably a Schneider grind they use part numbers like that:

270/260 duration is my guess.

Nissan Cams have an E on them.

Check here.
You need a degree wheel and a dial indicator to measure the duration. However, you could measure the lift with just a caliper. Measure the widest part of the lobe and subtract if from the narrowest part of the lobe then muiltple by 1.5 (rocker arm ratio). Stock is normally between 0.390 and 0.410". Typically 0.440" is about a 260 degree cam, 0.460" is about a 270, 0.480" is about a 280, and 0.500" is about a 290.


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