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Need Help Wiring My L28ET

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Ok, I'm just about done with my swap and its time to do the wiring. Oops! I have no idea what i'm doing! Is there anyone local who has done an l28et with a Z31ecu? How much would you charge to wire up my car? The harness is all labeled. BTW here some pics of my progress so far.

http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/d__minus/my_photos cut and paste.
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I am in ny and just finished my swap. You need power to the ignition and fuel pump relays. And the ignition coil is a tiny bit different also.

Where are you from?

What do you need to know
I've never wired a car before, and my friends with mechanical know how are scared to do it. I have power to the ignition. Its inside the cabin though. I'm using an hks twin power and I have a z31 turbo coil. Its just not in the pic. I'll be installing it tommorow. Question. If I tried wiring the engine harness myself and messed something up, what's the worse that could happen? Could the motor go kaboom? Or would it just not run right until I fixed whatever I did wrong. This is the only thing i'm afraid of. I've already got 7k into the motor (3.1 turbo stroker). Don't wanna see it melt away before my eyes. BTW I'm in Southern California (Inland Empire)

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If you have 7K in the engine, why are you being cheap on the EFI system? The stock stuff isn't EVEN going to be tuned right for a 3.1L overboosted turbo stroker. If you wire something wrong you can smoke the ECU etc. If it isn't tuned right, you'll burn holes in the pistons. I sugest you rethink this and look at other EFI options avalible like SDS/haltech etc.

Also you realize the stock injectors aren't big enough for much more than what the stock engine can produce. For what you have you need at least 440cc/min injectors which the stock EFI can't deal with.
I have RC 500 injectors and I'm using a Greddy E-manage for fuel and ignition control.
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