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need help making a choice

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got 4,7xx.xx after buy back and prior damage from insurance

ok i have a 70 240 with some body damnage i can fix for about nothing because i got a pice of a 260 sitting around with all the parts i need so i got about 4 grand to dump into the car what do i do - built l28 - turbo l28 - sbc - or just buy another Z ( have found a couple of fairly good twin turbo 300zx [my dream car] in my area for around 4 grand but i dont no if i would be able to afford upkeep? though i think i would rather build the 240 i have just never done anything major like a swap but im not totally stupid and know i could do it just doubt myself - i would also like to get a body kit with this money but thats not important and am willing to drop all 4 grand on a powerplant

just looking for some opinions

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****, now you're like a kid in a candy store with a wad of cash :)

Go turbo, standalone efi, good intercooler and a new paint job.
Then to stop, bigger brakes.

4k would go surprisingly quick, so plan it out.

how hard is it to do the turbo swap - only thing im worried about is the wirriring electrical junk - do i have to redo all the of wiriring and set it up all different or is it bassically drop the motor in and plug everything up
If you go with stand alone EFI you will need to do some pretty major wiring, as far as dropping in the motor is concerned the engine mount and the lot are the same, with that 4k make your you get a 5 speed tranny and an r200 or r180 LSD.

Who can resist the boost n e ways? and the blow of valve noise, niiice
Yeah but you have to admit, the roar of a well setup of a naturally aspairated engine is a sweet sound. Of course that is a preception thing.

fix the 240. they're becoming harder to find. Buy the TT when you have more $$. Neither is so expensive that you can't have both sometime. If buy for a good price & you maintain them, they won't depreciate so, it really isn't like spending $$, just keeping it in a non-cash form. (at least that's what I tell the wife. that's my story & I'm stickin to it.)
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