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Need help identifying part...'76 Z

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I have checked Chiltons, Haynes, the FSM and parts schematic and I have not been able to identify a missing part. It was a small cylinder that was attached to the back side of the alternator with a single wired plugged into the wiring harness. It reminded me of a condensor on a distributer with points. The mount broke were it screwed to the back of the alternator and off it went. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

'76 Z
Austin TX
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its a condensor to help with "interferance".
It is a capacitor (aka condenser), just like the one coming off the coil wires, or the one in a points distributor. The wire connects to the charging terminal along with the big charging wire. The body just bolts on to a ground post.

You can get a replacement for about $5 at a parts store.

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