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hey guys, i've got a 78 280z with 55k thats been garaged for about 20 years! tries to crank but wont start. how can i troubleshoot this and get it to run again cost effectively??

any input or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!! =)
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check the gas tank for rust also check out the fuel lines,change alll the fluids,spark blugs wires and filters.
You just can't go a head and just crank it,you make it worse.you need to make sure every thing is fresh then you do your diagnostic and try to find out why it's not running!
It's ben covered here several times and a little search will help you a lot.
Read the sticky at the beginning of this forum.

Pull the spark plugs and put an ounce or two of Marvel Mystery Oil in each cylinder. Let set a day or two then repeat. Clean & gap spark plugs. Then replace all the rubber belts, hoses, vacuum hoses (do these one at a time so that you don't get mixed up or forget where they go), fuel lines etc. Change all the filters, fuel, oil and air. Change all the fluids, engine oil, brake, clutch, coolant, transmission and differential. Drain, clean and seal the fuel tank, then blow out all the fuel lines.

After the Marvel Mystery Oil treatment roll the engine using the crank bolt on the front of the engine (27mm or 1 1/16" socket and breaker bar, turn clockwise ONLY). Next do a tune up, check the valve lash clearance. Replace the battery and clean all the ignition circuit (don't forget the computer connections), starting circuit and fuel pump wire connections (after you get the car running, start cleaning ALL the electrical connections and plugs). Don't forget to do the ground connections.

I know that this sounds like a lot, but if you don't do it now it will cause problems later. Over the years I've done three cars of my own that were in long term storage and helped others do the same. It seems that every time I/we tried to short cut the process, especially the part about cleaning the fuel system and lines, it would come back to bite us in the a** later.

Good luck with bringing another Z back to life.
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wow seems like alot of work...is there a drain plug on the fuel tank??
The tank is visible under the back of the car. Stick your head under and take a look, the drain plug should be visible on the right side.

After 20 years, there is probably even more work than it seems like. Even garaged, the EFI components will tend to be "sticky" and corroded, if it hasn't been started periodically while garaged. Plan to spend a lot of time on it, even if you get it running. Should be fun though, if you like working on cars.
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