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Re: Need details on R200 diff conversion into my '

> I found an '85 200SX (turbo) with the R200
> rear-end in it. This should be the 4.11
> gears.

> I'd like to know (and for the archive), what
> are the details on the conversion into my
> '72 240Z.

> Things I've heard:

> Should basically be a bolt-in change.

> I should be able to use my existing
> halfshafts into the R200 pumpkin.

> (Please verify)

> Questions:

> The 200SX's half shafts didn't have ujoints
> on the pumpkin side, but my 240 does. How
> does that work out?

> How about the mustache bar/securing
> mechanisim's?

> Will my driveshaft slip into the R200?

> Stub Axles?

> Does $150 sound like too much for the
> pumpkin only?

> Please give a complete write up if possible.
> I'd really appreciate it!

> Rob72

Rob, You can find info on this swap at zhome.com under performance mods. There is a writeup about a guy who put a ford 302 in a 240. He also explains an R200 swap. However, you will need the mustache bar from a 75 to 78 280, and a different drive shaft as well. The stub axles from another R200 will be required unless you want to convert to the cv axles (which are stronger and smoother running and more reliable).If you get stub axles from another R200, make sure to get a right and a left as they are different in length by about 1/4 inch. They will then bolt directly to your 240 half shafts. Check zhome.com because I can't remember the other things you will need for the swap. Good luck!
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