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> Ok I am making a street machine and have a73
> 240Z with a 3 speed auto transmission. I
> would like to replace the 3.54 diff with
> either a r200 3.90 or 3.70. I am putting my
> car piece by piece and just got enough money
> to spend again... i just finished paying for
> new tires/wheels/struts/ and springs. Will I
> have to get anew drive line with that R200.
> I will probably put in a four or five speed
> trans later but I like not having to shift.
> What kind of RPM's am I expecting if I put
> in the 3.7 or 3.9 with that 3 speed?? How
> much quicker off the line will that exchange
> dmake?? what should i do to make my car
> quicker or faster??
Hey Capt!!
YOu shuld be able to just get an R-200 with 3.90 gearing - any manual trans 81-83ZX will do. Should't require any other changes other than the speedometer gear in your transmission. You will feel a definite difference in the accelleration.
Your engine rpm will be 10% more than you have now for any given speed in any given gear.
If you want to go faster and keep an automatic - drop in a V-8.

> Dustin M
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