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NE1 know Joel Phillips, "fairldy280"?

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I advertised for a Q-panel vent and Mr. Joel Phillips said he had one. I sent him $25 and he has never sent the vent or answered my emails. This is a first for me. I did not know ZCAR People were dishonest. I am guessing he just needed a couple of bucks from a naive' Datsun owner. He stopped answering my emails and has not responded to my inquiries. Any one know this guy in Florida?
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there are some rotten apples in every batch, I am sorry that you had to encounter one of them, I had a similar encounter with the guy who sold me trash as it was a good stuff and half the small stuff he did not even send, so I wasted around 100 bucks.
In florida?
Where at?
Let us know and maybe we can check him out for you.
I did business with him, and yes, it took a long time for me to get my injectors. He said that he went on vacation and he apoligized to me. I don't think he would rip you off for $25.
His address is:

Joel Phillips
5260 Tina Court
Pace, Florida 32571

He sent me several emails about this vent. We communicated well until he got my check. Never heard from him again.

He sounds like a regular guy who knows Z's. I guess good con men are "nice guys". That is how they survive.
Anyone have any ideas on what needs to be done about Mr. Phillips?
If you sent him a check in the mail and he doesnt deliver you can get the authorities involved since it would be considered mail fraud.
Ive heard this several times anyway and seen it posted on this forum alot.

Pace Florida is up there in the northern panhandle area. Close to Georgia.
Im not close enough but maybe someone else is and can go over and put the squeeze on him for you, lol.
Let me guess, this guy cashed your check as fast as he could and now is sitting on it. I hate it when people are in a hurry to get paid or know that you need something in a hurry but yet take forever to send something after they get paid.

Recently I was sweating over a 300 dollar item I sent someone in canada. I finally got it after 6 weeks and a few stern phone calls. I was starting to think I had been had but the guy finally came through.

Good luck with getting that panel. If you dont get it let me know. This was not the intent of my post but I do have a lot of those I will be selling off.
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If you have a passenger's side vent with an emblem, I guess I will need another one. I just need about a 6" circle cut around the hole/vent. We will cut it down to size and spot weld it into place. Where do I send the money? PayPal?
Now that Ive sent a private email to Zsaint concerning our business dealing surrounding the vent I'd like to post an open message to all you little kiddies on zcar.com . Iv'e got an Idea about what we need to do concerning mr Phillips . My address is posted for all to see so why don't one of you little pussies just show up at my front door and put the squeeze on me. What say . I'll packge your ass up nice and tight and sent it home to mommy. As I told ZSAINT I sent six pre 1978 z cars to the crusher because it was a waste of time trying to deals with a bunch of broke assed kids on zcar.com. Oh and by the way nobody gives a rats ass if you used to woen some peice of crap motor cycle or if you own some shitty old dodge truck. I've been driving a Z longer than most of you tadpoles have been alive. I've probably owned thirty z's . I have a fairldy z now and as for as listing all the cars I own now I get cramps typing before I finished. Get my point little frogs?? Good ! Hope to hear from you soon ZSAINT
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