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Name this car!

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Its been a while so name this car
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I got a strong hunch its french in the odor of Renolt.
Nope, right continent though....
I'll toss out Lambo due to some front grill styling cues and of course, the doors. Oh yea, and because it looks uncomfortable inside. LOL!
Yeah those seats are not to my liking.
The dynamoelectric concept car that Falina designs Bin Ni .
what ever it is it has 370Z wheels...
ok i'll tell ya...

pininfarina sintesi
Looks like ol' Pininfarina is "losing it" in his old age.
He used to be one of the best designers EVER.

Ten-four on not liking the seats. Then, once you wiggle into your
"comfortable" semi-lying-down position in your seat (the traditional
Italian racing driver position), how do you get your door to come
down? Or are those wings, and does the car fly?

And it "ONLY" costs a cool mil'. (Just guessing)

All Z Best,..........................Kathy & Rick
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If i could afford it, I would drive it staight into a wall!!!
I just looked it up on the Geneva car show, it looks like a Prius..... FROM THE FUTURE! I think thats the Ferrari FF "Four wheel Four Door."
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