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> The N47 is a 280Z head with the same
> combustion chamber shape as a N42, the only
> difference is the N47 has round exhaust
> ports with liners and the N42 has square
> ports without liners. The head your talking
> about is the P81 I believe.

Actually, what I am refering to on my page is two different N47's. Externally, they look identical. However, the chamber is significantly smaller The squish area is not as pronounced as the P series heads, but is clearly different from the N series. The head had not been shaved, and was indeed cast as a N47. They guy who introduced it to me was in the process of building up a 280 motor that would be fairly inexpensive, yet produce good power. I have not talked to him in a while, but he planned on dyno'ing it. I don't know much about the Maxima heads, so I have no idea what the P81 is. However, the N47 Maxima itteration does exist and has been verified.
-Bob Hanvey
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