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Mysterious Plug on EFI harness

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As I was plugging in all my connectors on the EFI harness today, I came across a plug which I have never laid eyes on before.

On comparison with my old harness, it does not exist.

My old harness is what I am guessing is a stock 1990 N/a auto harness.
The new one is a 1993 N/a auto harness.

Take a look, does anyone know what its for?

Its right near the det sensor plug on the middle back of the engine. I think it comes off the part of the harness which coil number 6 is located.

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its an EGR Temp sensor plug which is only used on california models. Just tuck it away and forget its there.
Thanks Tim.
I have a 91 TT and I have that plug also and a EGR temp sensor. I am in California. I concur with Luminar.
Me 3
Mines in use

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